“Winter” Safety Tips

from your friends at COPAKE FIRE “The Home of the Screaming Eagles”

  • Keep your 911 house number clearly posted for Fire, Emergency Medical Services, and Police to locate you quickly in an emergency
  • Keep chimneys clean of dangerous creosote
  • NEVER place discarded Fireplace Ashes in paper, cardboard or plastic containers. Ashes retain heat for several days and will start fires
  • NEVER plug portable heaters into power strips or lead cords
  • Keep vents from appliances clear of snow & ice to prevent the backup of carbon monoxide inside your home or office
  • Venturing on ponds, lakes & streams can be Very Dangerous…..
    • Make sure ice is THICK [4” or more of solid ice for a person]
    • Make sure ice is SOLID [No slush, open cracks, standing water on the surface or any flowing water on the surface or beneath]
    • Make sure ice color is Clear or Blue NOT Black or Grey
  • Limit highway driving as much as possible during storms until roadways have been plowed and sanded

In case of a Fire……Always do the following;

Step #1     When an Alarm Sounds, Exit the building IMMEDIATELY

Step#2      Dial 911 to report the alarm

Step#3      Stay Out and gather at a Common Meeting Place, wait for the Fire Department to arrive… Never go back inside !!!