Copake Business Association is on its Way!

An enthusiastic group of Copake business owners met at the Copake Grange on July 11 to discuss the formation of a Copake Business Association. 
By the end of the meeting a steering committee had been formed and plans were being made to launch a website.
The meeting was called by the Copake Hamlet Revitalization Task Force, but Chair Roberta Roll made clear that although the Task Force has long felt the need for a business association and prepared the ground for it to happen, this would not be a town government-run association; it would be an organization of and for the businesses of the town of Copake. The Task Force presented a website which was created by designer and Copake resident Greg Larson. Mr. Larson created the website pro bono for use by the association. When launched, it will serve as a portal for Copake, promoting the natural features of Copake as well as the specific businesses.
In response to a request by Copake Community Service, Inc., the Bank of Greene County awarded a $500 grant to be used by the association for startup costs. That grant will be awarded at the Copake branch on July 23, 2019.
The business owners who were present made clear that the goal of the association will be to promote business throughout Copake – in Craryville, Copake Lake, Copake Falls, West Copake and the Hamlet of Copake.
More details will be published in the months ahead. In the meantime, any business wishing to contact the Steering Committee should write to Roberta Roll at