Doctor from CMH Rapid Care Copake to discuss “Summer Emergencies”

Tick bites, Lyme disease, bee stings, insect bites, and sprained ankles? Phew!  Who knew that summer in the country could be such a challenge? Happily for residents and visitors to the Roe Jan area, help is just down the road.  Since its opening last summer, CMH Rapid Care-Copake has been at the ready – nearby and open seven days a week. Learn more about how to handle the emergencies of summer, as well as the services available at Copake’s new Rapid Care facility when Dr. Michael Weisberg speaks at the Roe Jan Library on Sunday, June 11 at 4:00pm. Dr. Weisberg has been at Columbia Memorial Health since 2007.  He is dual-boarded in emergency medicine and family medicine.  He has been the director of Valatie Rapid Care for 5 years and Rapid Care Copake since its opening in June 2016.  He has been the chief of the emergency room for the last year, and 4 years prior to that he was the associate director. The presentation, which will be about a half-hour, followed by questions and answers, is part of the Library’s Adventures in Health Series.