Memorial Day

May 25, 2020 @ 10:30 am
Amcram, Copake, Copake Falls, Hillsdale, Churchtown & Taghkanic

THE 2020 MEMORIAL DAY FIREFIGHTER MORALE DRIVE IS SCHEDULED FOR MONDAY, MAY 25 STARTING AT THE ANCRAM FIRE HOUSE AT 10.30 AM Firefighters from Ancram, Copake, Hillsdale, Craryville, Churchtown, Philmont and Taghkanic will be Participating The Morale Drive route is as follows: Start at the Ancram Fire House, leave at 10:30am Travel Route 7 to 7A going thru the center of Copake Take a left at the Copake Clock and out to route 22. Take route 22 North turn onto Rt. 344 Copake Falls, back onto Rt. 22 North to Hillsdale Take a left at the light onto to Route 23 towards Craryville . We go thru Craryville past the Yorkshire and take a left turn onto Rt. 16 Take a right onto 27B, proceed to Route 27, take a left onto 27, past the Churchtown Fire House W then turn right and a quick left onto (Taghkanic-Churchtown Rd.) We turn right onto Rt. 10 and then turn left onto Rt. 82. and back to Ancram Estimated time frame We expect to arrive at each location in ten to fifteen minute intervals. It will take roughly an hour to complete the circuit. We are doing this to let people know that many aspects of their community have been hard at work during the last several months. We also want to honor everything that our Veterans have done for us. We will be honoring many different parts of the community. You are invited to park along the route and watch us go by. We would like to ask that everyone remain in their cars, wearing masks and practice social distancing. If you live along the route you are more than welcome to come out on your porch or front lawn and watch us go by. Please follow safe health practices.

Thank you all and stay safe.

David Boice Ancram Fire Company, Chief