Open Burn Ban March 16th – May 14th

Spring presents a time of year where the hazards of a Wildland Fire are at their extreme due to dead vegetation, warming southern winds, and low humidity.  For these reasons, NEW YORK STATE LAW PROHIBITS OPEN BURNING during this period to limit the potential for uncontrollable wildland grass, brush and forest fires.


  • During the Ban….. Limbs, Brush, Logs, Wood Chips, Grass, Leaves
  • NeverRefuse, Construction Debris, Garbage, Unattached Leaves, Tires

General Considerations which must always be followed….!!!!

  • A fire can NEVER be left unattended
  • A fire CANNOT present a public health hazard
  • ALWAYS have a way of extinguishing a controlled burn fire
  • ALWAYS remove other combustible materials a minimum of ten feet
  • ALWAYS report a controlled burn to the 911 Center @ 518-828-4114
  • Immediately call 911 for any out of control burn

For further information and details of the law, please refer to Part 215.3 of the NYS Environmental Conservation Law or the DEC website