Tour de Copake Big ride coming through Copake on July 30.

Anyone who has lived in Copake for a while will attest to the increase of cyclists on our local roads and on the Rail Trail. Four years ago when the Copake Hamlet Revitalization Task Force worked with Copake Community Service, Inc. to facilitate the production of the first BikeCopake brochure, the front page read: “Located just two hours north of New York City and three hours west of Boston, the Town of Copake offers some of the best biking anywhere.” Well, apparently a lot of cyclists agree.

On the morning of July 30, the annual Harlem Valley Rail Ride will come through town. Riders will begin to arrive in the Hamlet around 10:00am and most will cruise through in the late morning through early afternoon. Organizers report that the ride attracted 1100 riders last year. Beginning in Millerton, the ride offers routes of various lengths. Most riders pass through Dutchess and Columbia County (and the 100-mile riders go over Bash Bish Mountain into Massachusetts), but the only hamlets the cyclists visit are Copake and Copake Falls.

Later in the year, of course, Copake will welcome the Roe Jan Ramble Bike Tour but between now and then, it’s great that so many cyclists want to visit our town.