Your friends at COPAKE FIRE wish everyone A Fire Safe Holiday Season

Best Practices for a Safe Holiday Season in your home………..

  • Christmas trees need to be kept sufficiently watered
  • Holiday decorations require a safe distance from all HOT objects such as radiators, fireplaces, portable heaters and candles
  • Keep chimneys clean of dangerous creosote and in good repair
  • Keep furnaces and heaters maintained and check for proper ventilation
  • Never leave lit candles unattended
  • Never put discarded fireplace ashes in paper, cardboard or plastic containers. Ashes retain heat for several days and will start fires
  • Check that your 911 house number is clearly visible for Fire, Emergency Medical Services, and Police to locate you quickly
  • Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors often to assure they are operating properly and replace batteries and detectors as needed

Practice Home Safety Drills and follow these steps when an Alarm Sounds

Step #1        When an Alarm Sounds Exit the building IMMEDIATELY

Step#2         Dial 911 to report the alarm

Step#3         Stay Out and gather at a common meeting place, wait for the

                        Fire Department to arrive… Never go back inside !!!