Your friends at COPAKE FIRE

Wish everyone A Fire Safe Holiday

When a Fire or Carbon-monoxide Alarm sounds follow these steps

Step #1        Exit the building IMMEDIATELY

Step#2         Dial 911 to report the alarm

Step#3         Stay Outside and gather at a common meeting place, wait for

                        the Fire Department to arrive… Never go back inside !!!

Follow these Best Practices for a Safe Holiday Season

  • Christmas treesneed to be kept sufficiently watered  
  • Holiday decorations require a safe distance from all HOT objects such as radiators, fireplaces, portable heaters and candles
  • Keep chimneys clean of dangerous creosote and in good repair
  • Keep furnaces and heaters maintained and check for proper ventilation
  • Never leave lit candles unattended
  • Never discarded fireplace ashes near buildings or place in paper, cardboard or plastic containers.  Ashes retain heat for several days and will start fires
  • Clearly post your 911 house number for Fire, Emergency Medical Services, and Police to locate you quickly
  • Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors often

Become a Volunteer Firefighter….. Our community needs YOU !!!