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Mission Statement

Town Board Charge 

In 2024 the Town of Copake will celebrate the 200th anniversary of its founding. The Copake  Bicentennial Committee is charged by the Copake Town Board with planning and organizing a yearlong celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the Town of Copake. The Committee will  organize a calendar of events to be held in 2024 which may include public meetings,  ceremonies, gatherings, a parade and performances. The Committee shall endeavor to  publicize the history of Copake and encourage interest in Copake’s rich past.  

 Committee Membership 

It is the intent of the Town Board that the membership of the Committee be diverse and include a broad representation of the Town’s residents. The Committee shall be comprised of a  number of members to be determined. In order to achieve a wide representation of the Town  the Committee will be advertised on the Town website, Facebook page and the Connection, in  addition to the Columbia Paper and Register Star.  

With a view towards wide representation of the many individuals and perspectives in Copake,  the Town Board invites letters of interest from: part-time and full time residents, longtime  residents and those who have located here more recently, high school and college age  residents, working people and retired people, members of the Copake Grange, the Roe Jan  Young at Hearters, the Friends of the Taconic State Park and the Roeliff Jansen Historical  Society; and residents from all of the areas of Copake: the Hamlet of Copake, Taconic  Shores, Copake Lake, West Copake, Craryville and North Copake. 

Advisory Committee 

In order to encourage input from a wide cross-section of the Town, there shall be an Advisory  Committee to the Committee. The Town Board and the Committee will recruit members to an  Advisory Committee. These members need not be interviewed by the Board but shall be  invited to join the Advisory Committee to show their support for the Bicentennial celebration, to  give advice to the Committee as needed and to be involved in the work of the Committee as  needed and to the extent they are available. Members of the Advisory Committee shall be all  those listed above as well as members of the Copake business community, members of  previous Town administrations, members of the Copake Fire Department, the Craryville Fire  Department and members of Town Committees including the Copake Economic Development  Advisory Committee, the Conservation Advisory Committee, the Historic Preservation  Committee, the Park Commission and the Town Hall Project Committee. The Advisory  Committee shall be unlimited in size. 

Final -Adopted by the Copake Town Board
October 14, 2021



Kellie Nardin


Richard T. Wolf

Deputy Chairpersons

Liana Gaston

Leslie Doyel

Honorary Chairpersons

Angelo Valentino

Edgar Masters

Flora Bergquist



Gina White



       Howard Blue      Roberta Roll

Winette Edge     Bob Callahan     Vana Hotaling

Lindsay LeBrecht      Maryanne Fallon     

Cynthia Mcdowell     Jeanne Mettler
Heather Thomson