Copake Lake


Copake Lake is a community bound together by a passion for its pristine glacial lake. The full and part time residents agree Copake Lake is a special place where a lifetime of happy memories are born. You can feel the soul of Copake Lake in the quiet mornings when the lake is occupied by a handful of kayakers and fishermen, on a busy weekend afternoon among joyful laughter of parents and kids water skiing, and on quiet evenings when sound travels from a dozen lakeside porches at once as old stories are unwound for the next generation. If there is a short list of places that are heaven on earth, Copake Lake is on it.

The passion for Copake Lake is centered in the Copake Lake Conservation Society (CLCS). The not-for-profit organization endeavors to protect the quality of the Copake Lake watershed, preserve the ecological balance, and promote safe recreational use of the lake.