Pursuant to Sections 506 and 526 of the Real Property Tax Law:

  1. Notice is hereby given that the Tentative Assessment Roll For the Town of Copake is completed, and a copy thereof may be seen at Town Hall, 230 Mountain View Rd., until May 29, 2019.
  1. Notice is hereby given that an Assessor will be in attendance with the Tentative Assessment Roll for the Town of Copake at 230 Mountain View Rd., during the hours on the following four days:

May 7, 2019 10-2pm, May 11, 2019, 9am-1pm, May 14, 2019 9am-11am and 6pm-8pm, and

May 21, 2019 9am-1pm.

  1. Notice is hereby given that the Board of Assessment Review for the Town of Copake will meet to hear and examine all properly filed complaints in relation to assessments of Real Property at 230 Mountain View Rd. during the hours of 4pm-8pm on May 29, 2019.
  1. A publication containing procedures for contesting an assessment is available at the Assessor’s Оffice or the Columbia County Real Property Tax Office.

Dated this 16th day of April, 2019

Assessor Town of Copake