Copake Zoning Board of Appeals Public Notice

Please Take Notice that the Town of Copake Zoning Board of Appeals, pursuant to Town Law, will hold a Public Hearing at the Town Hall,

230 Mountain View Road, Copake NY  12516, on the following matters:

2019-13  Save Craryville,

Save Craryville and nine (9) aggrieved parties:

Irene Sax, Jim Cox Chambers of FH Farms,

Hillary Mellville of Homestead Market LLC (a/k/a Random Harvest),

Peter Bottjer,

Roberta Linding Darling,

Timothy Heffernan,

William Rasweiler Angus Farm,

Michael and Carol Pallen,

are appealing Copake CEO’s decision in reference to proposed GRJH Gas Station at Rte. 23 & Craryville Rd, Craryville NY.

Tax Map 144.4-1-5

Said Hearing will be on Thursday October 24, 2019.

The ZBA Meeting is scheduled to start at 7:00 PM.

The Public Hearing will start according to how the agenda is set for that


All Persons present, for or against the application, will be given the

opportunity to be heard.