Public Notice Public Hearing Zoning Board of Appeals

Copake Zoning Board of Appeals 
230 Mountain View Road 
Copake NY 12516 
(518) 329-1234 
[email protected] 

Please Take Notice that the Town of Copake Zoning Board of Appeals, pursuant to Town Law, will hold a  Public Hearing, on the following matters:

Public Hearings

1) Riley – 117 Cove Road [Hillsdale] (2023-13) (165.9-1-18) Relief from 232 Table 1,  right and rear variance needed. An addition to include family room, 2 bedrooms and  1 bathroom.

2) Guzman – 309 Lakeshore Drive [Copake] (2023-15) (176.03-03-29) Relief from 232- 11D and 232Table 1; construction within 100ft of water and a rear yard variance for  a house addition

3) Connolly – 80 SW Colony Rd [Hillsdale] (2023-12) (165.14-2-5) Relief from 232-11D2,  within 100 ft of water. Replacement of an existing timber bulkhead.

4) Linda Assande – 461 Lakeview Road [Copake] (2022-22) (165.11-1-45) Relief from  232-11D2 within 100ft of water and 232-1 side yard setbacks; stairs, deck and dock to lake

Said hearing will be on Thursday, July 27, 2023

Topic: Copake ZBA Meeting

Time: July 27, 2023 07:00 PM 

Location: Copake Town Hall

The ZBA Meeting is scheduled to start at 7:00 PM. The Public Hearing will start according to how the agenda is set for that evening. All Persons present, for or against the application, will be given the  opportunity to be heard.